Show Sponsorships

Our amazing sponsors are the ones who truly make Ask A Bookkeeper possible. On “Sesame Street” when each episode was “brought to you by the letter M and the number 3,” we learned the power of educational marketing.

Sponsorship for an episode includes your logo with thanks at the beginning and end of the episode as well as a link to your website on the episode details on our website and YouTube. All episodes will remain available online for as long as the show continues to be in existence.

Sponsoring an episode is easy! Just visit our Upcoming Guest List, and contribute at least $500 toward any episode. If you don’t see the guest you want listed, please click the “request a guest” link on that page. We will be happy to consider your recommendations, particularly if you are ready to contribute! We schedule guests in the order in which episodes are funded. If you contribute the full amount of the episode, than you know that you will be the only sponsor for that episode and it will happen ASAP. Episodes with multiple contributions of over $500 may have multiple sponsors.

If you want to learn more about how YOU can be on the Ask A Bookkeeper show, click here to get information about becoming a Guest Star!