Guest Star on Ask A Bookkeeper!

Accounting Professionals, Business Coaches & Software Partners, would you like to reach your perfect client in a fantastically fun way?

No one wants to be sold to anymore. We want to be educated. Then we want to make educated decisions. When we learn about something that will benefit the bottom line of our business and we feel a connection to the core values of the company offering that solution, it no longer feels like sales. It feels like a relationship.

As a Guest Star on our show you get to spill the beans about your focused business passion, build credibility with those who desperately need your knowledge, and gain a raving fan.

In addition to perpetual fame on the world wide web, Facebook, YouTube and our other media outlets for as long as the show continues, Guest Stars on Ask A Bookkeeper receive MP4 copies of the video footage to use in their own marketing.

We Make Stardom Easy

Nervous about making a video? We will help you plan it out, fell at ease, and have fun while creating a lasting treasure. The best part? Your name will appear alongside famous guests like Sekou Andrews and Ivan Misner, raising your credibility and viewership.

To start the discussion with us about being on the show, just visit our Upcoming Guest page, and click the link to “request a guest.” You are welcome to request yourself. Then you can either sponsor your own episode in full, or we can work together to crowdfund your appearance on the show.