Show Sponsorships

Our amazing sponsors are the ones who truly make Ask A Bookkeeper possible. On “Sesame Street” when each episode was “brought to you by the letter M and the number 3,” we learned the power of educational marketing.

Sponsorship for an episode includes mention and thanks at the beginning of the episode as well as logo and link to your website at the end of the episode. All episodes will remain available online for as long as the show continues to be in existence.

If you are already a Guest Star you qualify for our Combo Package of discounted Sponsorship opportunities!

Number of EpisodesPackage TotalPrice per Episode
1 Episode$300$300 / Episode
3 Episodes$600$200 / Episode
6 Episodes$1,000$167 / Episode
12 Episodes$1,800$150 / Episode
24 Episodes$3,000$125 / Episode

Our standard Sponsorship packages are below. By investing in more episodes, you increase your visibility and save with our multi-episode packages.

Number of EpisodesPackage TotalPrice per Episode
1 Episode$500$500 / Episode
3 Episodes$1,000$333 / Episode
6 Episodes$1,675$279 / Episode
12 Episodes$3,000$250 / Episode
24 Episodes$5,000$208 / Episode