Ask a Bookkeeper Kickstarter Campaign

Imagine a world where bookkeeping & other business topics could be fun!

Help fund a lighthearted web series educating small business owners with fun & understandable lessons in teamwork, success, & profit.


May 8 to June 16


Our goal is to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter to create a starting series of twelve episodes. 

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It is time to UP OUR GAME! We want to get serious about this project by getting a couple pieces of real equipment and teaming up with videographer, Robert Hastings.

We want these videos to be professional and polished, as well as fun and educational.

It is also deeply important to us that these episodes are subtitled or close captioned in English AND Spanish, to make sure these lessons are accessible to a broad spectrum of small business entrepreneurs.

Pledge $25 or more

Penny Postcard

Thank you so much for supporting our show! For contributing $25, Penny will send you a thank you card with her picture. This is a great memento of the campaign that you can display in your home of office.

Pledge $100 or more

Video thank you from Penny

We really appreciate your support! With a pledge of $100, we will send you a video thanking either you or your audience. This can be a great promotional item for your business on social media, or it can be something fun to share with your family and friends.

Pledge $250 or more

Come to our Victory Celebration!

You rock our world! By pledging $250, we would love to invite you to join us for the Victory Celebration at the QuickBooks Connect Conference in San Jose. You can meet Penny, Polly, Ingrid, and the rest of the gang IN PERSON and have your photo taken with us.

Pledge $500 or more

Sponsor an Episode!

As a key contributor to this project, we will thank you as the show sponsor of an episode by displaying your image or logo. Just imagine… “This episode of Ask a Bookkeeper is brought to you by…”

Pledge $2,500 or more

Be a Guest on the Show!

This reward level is especially perfect for app partners, fellow accounting professionals, and business owners who have an educational message that can help our audience. Establish yourself as the expert by offering great education! We will walk you through the storyboard process of creating an episode around your message, and then we can shoot it live in our studio or remotely over Zoom. Together we will make the world a better place, built on a foundation of thriving small businesses!

Pledge $10,000 or more

Be An Executive Producer!

For this reward level, the backer will be listed as Executive Producer for the “First Season” of the show (ie. all episodes produced as part of this campaign, as determined by the stretch goals.)

What Are You Waiting For?

We’ve got perks for everyone who helps make this a reality!

Our Stretch Goals

So, where do we go once we’ve reached our main goal of $15,000? 


Create an additional 6 episodes.


Introduce Procrastinator Gator with 2 additional new episodes and bonus footage.


Introduce the YEWU character with new episodes and educational materials


Ask Me Anything music video with SJ Tucker!!!


??? Sky is the limit. You tell us what you want. With $75K, we can do almost anything!!!


Or, does the sky have a limit?